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Work by Others

Do you need Elevator Code Work (Work by Others) in the Greater Atlanta area? Vantix Electric is experienced, certified, and available!

Vantix Electric Is Your Top Resource Elevator Mods for Your Commercial Property

Has your Commercial Building, Office Building, Medical Facility, or any other Commercial Property been flagged for Elevator Compliance? Do you have the need to meet Elevator Modernization Requirements? Are you installing a new elevator, and need an experienced commercial electrician company to help you get your elevator working right, and completely up to code? Vantix Electric specializes in Elevator Mods, and Work by Others as laid out by the latest construction legislation. There’s no need to get hit with high dollar fines or risk the electrical failure of your elevator system. Whether you know the problems you need to fix, or you’ve just been handed a code violation, or if you have experienced any other electrical problems with your building’s elevator system, the Vantix professionals have the experience, expertise, and willingness to help you.

Building owners, property managers, project coordinators, and general contractors all run across a wide variety of elevator problems and need Work by Others Compliance fulfilled quickly and effectively by an experienced Elevator Electrician. Our specialists can diagnose your unique situation accurately and get you a quote quickly. It isn’t ideal to have inoperable elevators, or to have healthy penalties from code regulation violations. That’s why Vantix offers you the services of our teams of commercial electrical professionals and Elevator Mod specialists. Don’t delay! If you need Elevator Code Work for electrical situations in Elevator Lobbies, Elevator Hoistways, Machine Rooms, or Elevator Pits, we can help! Your elevator code work won’t resolve itself on its own. Call Vantix Electric today!